Why is it urgent to set up a business Data storytelling?

Why is it urgent to set up a business Data storytelling?

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Why Data storytelling for business is key?

Data collection by companies has become strategic in recent years and is now taking on astronomical proportions. All the data collected within the company can improve the activity through Data storytelling for business.

Although, in order to carry out these analyzes, many solutions have been developed in recent years such as BI tools, dashboards and spreadsheets, companies are still not able to exploit the wealth fully. incredible of these data.

BI tools allow for a perfect exploration of data in order to gain a thorough understanding of the activity, but they are too often reserved for a limited number of insiders such as Data Analysts and top managers, and managers.

Dashboards and spreadsheets even if they make it look like a lot of data do not express them in a simple way.

In the end, datas are used for the main needs of the big decision-makers and are not disseminated explicitly and permanently to the different business lines of the company. The communication of information related to this data does not cross all layers of the company, or even when it does not provide a contextualization that facilitates understanding. The distribution is often manual, transmitted in .pdf format or excel spreadsheet, which limits its exploitation.

In addition, current tools make it impossible to scale information requests. Most teams analyzing this data lack the resources and time to respond to all reporting requests from all levels of a company, including customers.

So how can companies turn their data center into a profit center, where all stakeholders have access to relevant and shared data in a format that suits them?

The answer is simple: set up a business Data Storytelling solution.

The problem could be compared to the transport and delivery of parcels. Today we notice an explosion of home delivery and the analogy is perfect in our context. We must work on the “last mile” of access to the data. Everything has been done so far to produce, collect, store and analyze the data, now we must focus on delivering it. To deliver it quickly, daily, in a simple format to “consume”, which does not require computer skills, which is contextualized to the scope of activity of the person who receives it.

Datatelling is the Data Storytelling solution for businesses. It complements the Data Driven strategy in which companies have embarked. It relies on installed BI solutions and will connect to the data sources needed to recover business KPIs. Trades finally access their main activity data analyzed and put into context.