The 4 pillars of a good enterprise Data Analysis Storytelling

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The 4 pillars of a good data analysis storytelling

To meet the challenges of companies that have turned to a Data Driven approach, it is necessary to supplement the current systems (Data Lake, big data analytics platform, Business Intelligence solutions, etc.) by making data available to all. layers of the company through a Data Analysis Storytelling app.

A good approach of Data Storytelling is based on 4 fundamentals:

The relevance of the data

Being able to build data views that will define very finely the data to be put back and displayed. This is a fundamental aspect of Data Storytelling.

This will involve extensive read and write rights management, and perimeter for the user or group of users. If we take the example of a point of sale, it is important that the data reported relates mainly to this shop, otherwise it does not make sense or interest.

Of course the data must be reliable and in this case we will rely on the data governance of the company that must provide these guarantees.

Putting the data analysis storytelling into perspective

It is essential to give meaning to the data via the choice of graphs and perspective.

Graphs can express trends or variations at a glance. Each graph brings a specific view and presents a type of analysis. The graph brings instant comprehension and helps to measure the importance of the information displayed.

To drive and make decisions you have to measure, “everything” measure, and compare. Visualization as a graph allows the brain to easily evaluate the information by comparing. The comparison between data on the same perimeters is essential, the graphs are the appropriate vehicle to fully express these evolutions.

Easy access and understanding

The access to the stories must be simple and the use of the intuitive application. It must address all types of users, including neophytes who do not need special computer knowledge to access the service. The main graphs will be put together in the same page and we will limit the clicks as much as possible to navigate in the application.

We will also pay great attention to the nomenclature of KPIs in order to respect the particularities of the trades of the users.

The update frequency of a Data Analysis Storytelling

It is important to provide access to the data at a frequency that corresponds to the business needs of the users, so it will be necessary to be able to process the data on a regular frequency, daily or weekly, and in some cases to allow the users to dispose of it permanently. The respect of this frequency thus reinforces the adoption of the solution by the users.