Boost your sales performance and your store management by computing actionable insights

Retail Analytic challenges


Aggregate a large volume of data to provide actionable insights to your team and enhance your customer engagement.

Move your business forward

Navigate into your business KPI and identify easily your top/flop performance providers.

Enrich performance analysis

Detect, analyze, figure where is your attractive products and areas are by gather all your data sources.

Get a unique source of truth

Align your team on the same vision in a centralized and controlled reporting.

Maximize Retail Activity

Bring insights directly to the retail floor

Enable your store employees to supervise inventory, monitor sales, assess demand and understand trends via mobile devices right on the shop floor.

Maximize margins and reduce waste

How do you move unsold product fast without squeezing profits too much? Learn how Datatelling Cloud Data Platform can help minimize margin erosion across retail store formats, product categories, and store location while providing valuable insights to help optimize operations.

Make decisions with true omni-channel analytics

Drive omni-channel performance far more effectively with analytics that seamlessly combine data from the customer journey and supply chain.

Help employees make smarter, data-driven decisions

Find out how our customers empower business users with the Datatelling Cloud Data Platform  for sales, finance, and supply chain to identify trends and make better business decisions.

Leverage effective market basket analysis

Store massive amounts of POS transactional data in the Datatelling Warehouse and compute them to identify what products sell together and the customer segments buying these combinations. Get the insights needed to build a tailored assortment, cross sell and upsell customers, and avoid lost sales through out-of-stocks.

Understand omni-channel shopping patterns

End up data silos and connect the  sales, returns, and customer data across all channels (retail store, e-commerce, call center, app, and catalogue) so you can improve customer intelligence and marketing impact.

Datatelling allows our businesses to exploit their data more simply. This is what the marketing and sales departments, and the network of stores are now doing.

Morad AKCHA CIO / CDO & Customer Success director

By deploying Datatelling, we have gained in responsiveness and ROI on our projects to open up market data analysis to our customers.

Frédéric Neveu Client Operations Director

Datatelling has allowed us to open dozens of customer stories in several countries in a few weeks.

José GEY Co-Owner & Director

Datatelling allows us to collect, centralize and process public sector data to enable governments to make informed, data-driven decisions to engage the public and unlock the economic potential of government and communities.

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo Co-founder

We developed an integrated platform to cross-reference our internal data with GfK's data to create user-friendly analysis stories for product managers and management to visualize all key points of Samsung's appliance business.

Matteo Trambaiolo Head of Product Management

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