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We can help to optimize your data architecture, to deploy best practices, or to create your stories and insights

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Capitalize on our experience delivering Datatelling migrations and/or  implementations and avoid the risks to meet your business goals.

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Our team of experts can help you deploy Datatelling quickly but effectively while implementing the best of Datatelling.

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Choose which workloads you want to enable with Datatelling, and work with our team to understand the features and processes.

Datatelling Services


Our experts will assist your team in getting started through a serie of workshops


Whether you want to migrate a reporting tool or a datawarehouse to Datatelling, we will help you in navigate through the technical approach and build a strategic plan

Best Practices

Our proven practices will accelerate your time to value in various tasks : security, network, accont managemet, stories deployment, etc.

Workload implementation

We will help your team to implement and optimize every workloads : datawarehouse, pipes, data apps, data storytelling.

We developed an integrated platform to cross-reference our internal data with GfK's data to create user-friendly analysis stories for product managers and management to visualize all key points of Samsung's appliance business.

Matteo Trambaiolo Head of Product Management

By deploying Datatelling, we have gained in responsiveness and ROI on our projects to open up market data analysis to our customers.

Frédéric Neveu Client Operations Director

Datatelling allows our businesses to exploit their data more simply. This is what the marketing and sales departments, and the network of stores are now doing.

Morad AKCHA CIO / CDO & Customer Success director

Datatelling has allowed us to open dozens of customer stories in several countries in a few weeks.

José GEY Co-Owner & Director

Datatelling allows us to collect, centralize and process public sector data to enable governments to make informed, data-driven decisions to engage the public and unlock the economic potential of government and communities.

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo Co-founder

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