The best of Data Storytelling

Datatelling is the simplest and most efficient solution on the market. How did we do it? Well, we have focused from the beginning on achieving these goals. Providing the easiest interface, requiring no training and facilitating deployment. Allow business managers to be completely autonomous in creating and managing stories for their users. And finally to guarantee optimal performance even over billions of lines to be processed.

Full Responsive Data Storytelling

DATATELLING is accessible from all devices. The activity graphs can be consulted at any time.

Simply build real stories with your data and share easily with your teams or wherever they are.

Taken in hand by the business teams

Datatelling is designed to leave the hand to your business team.

Business managers can easily create and modify data stories and graphs.

Readers view the graphs on their datasets and can filter, export the story to .ppt and/or extract the data in csv format.

Your datas connected, analyzed and displayed




Why Datatelling is so powerful ?

Hybrid storage

Machine Learning

DATATELLING automatically adjusts its different cache levels using machine learning algorithms.

The data is typed according to its degree and probability of use so that the resulting calculations are always as fast as possible.

The power of data storytelling makes sense here.

Key points


DATATELLING provides a suitable interface for neophytes. No computer knowledge is necessary.


All the functions, buttons, filters are adapted to your business contexts and your needs.


Possibility of integrating the old reporting tables to which trades had access during a start-up phase.


Loading data via ETL. Access management via SSO via the Active Directory. Manipulate metadata (users, stories ...)

data access

Compliance check of the data before display. Adapting stories based on data availability.


DATATELLING can use thin data (eg cash receipts) without creating cubes.

More than 30 charts

DATATELLING has a library of thirty types of charts that meets all the representation needs to better illustrate your KPI’s.

Fixed placement columns

Flow diagrams




Basic lines

Filters management

Mobile-optimized filters management and allows you to intuitively select the criteria for your query.


Enter the period you want to analyze


Simply filter by selecting the main criteria

Toggle lists and auto-completion

Search through a list or via the product ID for example

Data Storytelling adapts to your brand

Appropriate the story and make it your own by integrating your logo, your colors, your visuals ….

Integrate the story to your website and dynamically share your data activity.

Use DATATELLING to create a direct communication channel with your customers or employees. Integrate complementary content such as product presentation videos, strategic or operational information to steer your teams and help them in their activity.