Dataviz for employee involvement and company performance

Dataviz for employee involvement and company performance

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Dataviz for employee involvement and company performance

The performance of a company comes from the quality of the work done by its employees. Let’s see how the Dataviz helps to contribute.

The key factors impacting positively or not this quality of work are multiple, they concern for example the organization of the work, the management, the continuous training delivered, the precision of the expected results, the aid to the internal collaboration … and also the consideration and the involvement of employees.

The disengagement of employees when it intervenes therefore results in a drop in productivity and enthusiasm as well as an increase in turnover. Naturally, companies around the world are addressing this issue to improve employee engagement at all levels.

Thus, establishing a commitment strategy could be beneficial for employees and for companies through a stronger collaborative experience and a culture that promotes communication, collaboration and performance.

Beneficial but incomplete approaches

For twenty years, web applications such as Intranets, Digital Workplaces or more recently Enterprise Social Networking have been designed mainly to improve communication and information sharing. They have the advantage of allowing users to access corporate news, announcements and policies in a central location, and they now have spaces and tools for collaboration.

Reserved for internal use, they facilitate the cohesion as well as the transmission of knowledge and the culture of the company.

The benefits identified by these applications are numerous and they remain compatible in many professional sectors.

There are two main categories of benefits in certain sectors or internal services.

First of all productivity and collaboration contributions, this means reducing travel, saving time, reducing emails, contributing to the development of the internal network and sharing good practice, and ultimately encouraging innovation through collective intelligence.

Secondly, and this is the point that interests us more particularly, we also note certain benefits at the management level through a better team federation, especially for those working in remote, or the creation of the link in the company. Enterprise Social Networking will facilitate and improve internal communication, they can automatically trace information from other applications of the company and access shared resources.

However strong is found that these internal applications almost never address the subject of sharing data! And this is a key factor of commitment that is not addressed correctly.

Collaborative involvement as a growth vector

We love to talk about holacracy, we see Chief Happyness Manager appear in companies, to give more joy to the work, but we must also give meaning, hang up energy to a single goal, share a common vision, work together to accomplish a shared goal.

Transparency in the operation of the company, in its vision and in the analysis of its performance is therefore essential.

It is necessary to set in motion its employees and teams, to make them actors of the company. They must be aligned with the objectives of the company. More and more employees are away from the headquarters, they must be fed and maintain the spirit of belonging.

We offer them the possibility to have at all times business data of the company, their department, or their scope of activity, so that they feel involved and considered as stakeholders in the success of the company .

Moreover, activity and results graphs become a place of exchange and improvement thanks to Dataviz. They encourage collaboration to improve functioning and maximize chances of success.

Today we have the ability to organize, present and disseminate business activity data in a graphical format easily understandable to the different population of the company. Sharing information in the Enterprise Social Networking is now possible. Datatelling makes enterprise data accessible and helps improve business performance.

What is more important and motivating than to see regularly, or see the day-to-day contribution of his personal action to the common goal? How not to roll up the sleeve when we can see that the performance we expected is not yet fully realized? How can we not build team spirit and satisfaction when we manage to exceed the announced forecasts? The new Dataviz generation has came.