Dynamic Data Storytelling interface that privileges narration and limits manipulation to obtain insights

Data Storytelling is the easiest way to analyse and communicate around data

Datatelling has thoroughly rethought the access interface and data usage functionalities in order to offer the simplest and most collaborative solution. Easily create your stories, automatically share them with your audiences, guide users step by step, customize and contextualize the analyses for easy understanding.

New generation data storytelling solution

DATATELLING responds to the new challenges and needs of data to accelerate your business. Faced with the growing volume of data and the desire to open it up to employees, it was necessary to rethink access and processing models in depth in order to achieve the easiest to use and most effective Dataviz solution. 


Built for both novice and advanced users, Datatelling offers the best data access experience via a very intuitive interface.


High volume data storage coupled with intelligent caching through the use of machine learning to guarantee performance during analyzes and queries.

Data storytelling to explain

The very numerous Dataviz (or Business Intelligence) solutions are mainly used by data specialists to precisely analyze data and to bring out insights from it. Data Storytelling is an evolution of Dataviz that aims to simplify access to and use of data for all profiles. 

The best of Data Storytelling

Single page web access

  • A unique web page to access the charts
  • Analysis scrolls by
  • No training required for end users, the learning curve is instantaneous

The benefits:

  • Ease of use and adoption by end users
  • Ease of deployment, access via URL.

Logical organization of data analysis by theme

  • Creation and organization of analysis by business theme (sections of the page)
  • Choice of graphs from a wide range to best express the analyses
  • Implementation of the presentation logic by the business administrators

The benefits:

  • Facilitates understanding by end-users who are “guided” in their consultation
  • Increases the autonomy of business teams
  • Simplicity, adaptability and business relevanc

Adding comments

  • Integration of comments to introduce the analyses of a section, to explain how to analyse a graph or to comment on the results of a graph
  • Creation and modification at the initiative of the business administrator in complete autonomy

The benefits:

  • Facilitates understanding by end users and reinforces the contextualization of analyses

Integration of external business content

  • The web format allows the integration of .PDF or video content within the story itself
  • Addition and modification at the initiative of the business administrator in complete autonomy

The benefits:

  • Facilitates the understanding and reinforces the contextualization of the analyses
  • Completes the elements of analysis and turns the story into an operational communication channel

Pin's Wall >
Quick access to your favorite graphs

  • Each user can gather the main graphs to follow from different stories in a personal space, the “Pins Wall”.

The benefits:

  • Save time
  • Quick access to key indicators

Stream > Graph discussion thread

  • To be able to exchange with other users on the results of the graphs
  • Asking for or providing explanations

The benefits:

  • Improves understanding of analyses
  • Increases contribution and usage

Full Responsive Data Storytelling

DATATELLING is accessible from all devices. The activity graphs can be consulted at any time.

Simply build real stories with your data and share easily with your teams or wherever they are.

No SQL Query

Datatelling natively integrates a query module that enables everyone to query data, from everywhere, on every devices.

  • Query window with all dimensions, metrics …
  • Instant query result in spreadsheet format
  • Export in CSV format

data analysis

Datatelling is designed to leave the hand to your business team.

Business managers can easily create and modify data stories and graphs.

Readers view the insigths and can filter, export the story to .ppt and/or extract the data in csv format.

Giving business teams back control over their data

Datatelling makes data usable by and for businesses thanks to simple and intuitive data storytelling


Make business managers autonomous in the production of their analyses and dispense with the need to go through the IT department


Customize and contextualize Analytical Stories according to user targets to ensure relevance and improve understanding


Facilitate consultation and understanding of analyzes for all employees (and in particular newbies)

Decline of dashboards

GARTNER presents its vision of the main future developments in data analysis :


Decline of dashboards replaced by dynamic Data Storytelling interfaces that privilege narration and limit manipulation to obtain insights.

Democratization BI

Even more ergonomic and User Friendly Widespread dissemination of analytics

By deploying Datatelling, we have gained in responsiveness and ROI on our projects to open up market data analysis to our customers.

Frédéric Neveu Client Operations Director

Datatelling allows our businesses to exploit their data more simply. This is what the marketing and sales departments, and the network of stores are now doing.

Morad AKCHA CIO / CDO & Customer Success director

Datatelling has allowed us to open dozens of customer stories in several countries in a few weeks.

José GEY Co-Owner & Director

Datatelling allows us to collect, centralize and process public sector data to enable governments to make informed, data-driven decisions to engage the public and unlock the economic potential of government and communities.

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo Co-founder

We developed an integrated platform to cross-reference our internal data with GfK's data to create user-friendly analysis stories for product managers and management to visualize all key points of Samsung's appliance business.

Matteo Trambaiolo Head of Product Management

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