Query your Data Lake with the Datatelling modern strategy

Link Datatelling to your data lakes to enable fast access to your data, in a secure way.

Datatelling is the best flexible solution to integrate in your data lake strategy. Develop your own components to fit to your data lake architecture.


Datatelling supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and queries. 

Integrated Data Pipelines

Develop your own streamline data pipeline to handle real time, heavy data workloads ad transformations.

Secure & Governed access

Capitalize on Datatelling functionalities to secure  your data to serve analytics., everywhere, on every devices.

Datatelling on top of your datalake

Fast Queries

Datatelling supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and queries. 

  • Use a direct connection to query data in your data lake
  • Increase query performance by moving your structured and semi-structured data into the Datatelling Warehouse
  • Automatically register new files from your data lake by your own components
  • Analyse and communicate around your data with Datatelling, the Top 1 Data Storytelling tool

Easily Transform All Your Data

Choose to run integrated, performant and extensible data pipelines on Datatelling or your favourite ETL tool.

  • Deploy a modern architecture and pipelines on Datatelling
  • Transform data efficiently with ANSI SQL
  • Support of the majority of the ETL tools

Capitalize on Datatelling Security and Governance

Datatelling secures your data lake :

  • providing a row-level control
  • working with data masking in SQL ANSI View

And enables your people to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

Datatelling as your Data Lake

The Datatelling Data Cloud Platform can address multiple use cases to meet your needs.

  • Provide a single source of truth  to all your users.
  • Store your data with efficient data compression.
  • Simplify your technology landscape with a single platform for many types of data workloads.
  • Enable any data user to get insights from all your data.

Datatelling has allowed us to open dozens of customer stories in several countries in a few weeks.

José GEY Co-Owner & Director

By deploying Datatelling, we have gained in responsiveness and ROI on our projects to open up market data analysis to our customers.

Frédéric Neveu Client Operations Director

Datatelling allows our businesses to exploit their data more simply. This is what the marketing and sales departments, and the network of stores are now doing.

Morad AKCHA CIO / CDO & Customer Success director

Datatelling allows us to collect, centralize and process public sector data to enable governments to make informed, data-driven decisions to engage the public and unlock the economic potential of government and communities.

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo Co-founder

We developed an integrated platform to cross-reference our internal data with GfK's data to create user-friendly analysis stories for product managers and management to visualize all key points of Samsung's appliance business.

Matteo Trambaiolo Head of Product Management

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