Develop your own reliable data pipelines

Datatelling enables data engineering with the language of your choice

With Datatelling, data engineers can focus on tasks towards improving quality, reliability, ingestion and transformation instead of loosing time on non value-add activities.

All Data

Enable batch or continuous ingestion and transformation of all structured and semi-structured data to get accelerated insights.

Integrated Data Pipelines

Develop your own streamline data pipeline to handle real time, heavy data workloads ad transformations.

Near-Zero complexity

Capitalize on SQL ANSI compatibility to reduce complexity of your steamlines architecture

Extensive data engineering

Batch or Real-Time

Datatelling handles batch or continuous data ingestion of structured and semi-structured data in various format

  • Native ingestion for structured and semi-structured data 
  • Develop your custom Real-Time pipelines
  • Run your data tasks on the Datatelling Warehouse with the direct connector

Performance at scale

Execute your pipelines directly in the Datatelling Cloud Platform to scale on the Datatelling unique architecture.

  • Datatelling’s multi nodes execution engine maintain performance across concurrent workloads
  • Optimize your own pipelines performance
  • Enables your users to get insights with no lock

Save time & Money

Datatelling enables data-driven businesses through a near zero maintenance infrastuctred

  • fast and simplified transformation with SQL ANSI
  • Run your reliable scripts directly on the Datatelling multi-node achitecture
  • Ingest, transform and share in near real-time


Datatelling allows us to collect, centralize and process public sector data to enable governments to make informed, data-driven decisions to engage the public and unlock the economic potential of government and communities.

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo Co-founder

By deploying Datatelling, we have gained in responsiveness and ROI on our projects to open up market data analysis to our customers.

Frédéric Neveu Client Operations Director

Datatelling allows our businesses to exploit their data more simply. This is what the marketing and sales departments, and the network of stores are now doing.

Morad AKCHA CIO / CDO & Customer Success director

Datatelling has allowed us to open dozens of customer stories in several countries in a few weeks.

José GEY Co-Owner & Director

We developed an integrated platform to cross-reference our internal data with GfK's data to create user-friendly analysis stories for product managers and management to visualize all key points of Samsung's appliance business.

Matteo Trambaiolo Head of Product Management

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