Datatelling is a Cloud Data Storytelling Platform that enables your business to be connected to their data

They connect data to people

A single platform to run your data workloads

A Cloud Data Storytelling Plaform between data sources and end users

All in one Cloud Data Storytelling Platform

Turn your data into insights and action with Storytelling

Collect & store data

Enable batch or continuous ingestion and transformation of all structured and semi-structured data to get accelerated insights.

Easy insights

Built for both novice and advanced users, Datatelling offers the best data access experience via a very intuitive interface.

Easily share

Facilitate consultation and understanding of analyzes for all employees (and in particular newbies)

Data Storytelling is the easiest way to analyse and communicate around data

DATATELLING has thoroughly rethought the access interface and data usage functionalities in order to offer the simplest and most collaborative solution. Easily create your stories, automatically share them with your audiences, guide users step by step, customize and contextualize the analyses for easy understanding.

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