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Datatelling is a Cloud Data Storytelling platform AI-powered that puts data analysis within everyone’s reach​

They democratize their data analysis

New generation dataviz

DATATELLING responds to the new challenges and needs of data in the company. Faced with the growing volume of data and the desire to open it up to employees, it was necessary to rethink access and processing models in depth in order to achieve the easiest to use and most effective Dataviz solution. 


Intended for both novice and advanced users, Datatelling offers the best data access experience via a very intuitive interface.


High volume data storage coupled with intelligent caching through the use of machine learning to guarantee performance during analyzes and queries.

Decline of dashboards

GARTNER presents its vision of the main future developments in data analysis :


Decline of dashboards replaced by dynamic Data Storytelling interfaces that privilege narration and limit manipulation to obtain insights.

Democratization BI

Even more ergonomic and User Friendly Widespread dissemination of analytics

Why our data storytelling is so great ?

DATATELLING has thoroughly rethought the access interface and data usage functionalities in order to offer the simplest and most collaborative solution. Easily create your graphs, automatically share them with your audiences, guide users step by step, customize and contextualize the analyses for easy understanding.

Data storytelling to explain

The very numerous Dataviz (or Business Intelligence) solutions are mainly used by data specialists to precisely analyze data and to bring out insight from it. Data Storytelling is an evolution of Dataviz that aims to simplify access to and use of data for all profiles. The approaches are complementary. If you are looking for answers about your business, go for a Dataviz solution, if you want to share analyses with your teams or your customers, Data Storytelling is the solution for you.

Data storytelling for everyone!

The dashboarding formats of current BI solutions are too complex and are a brake on the development of data usage by the business. Datatelling has designed a unique Web interface that facilitates access, but above all makes it easier for novice profiles to get started. Sharing data with its teams has never been so simple.

Giving business teams back control over their data

Datatelling makes data usable by and for businesses thanks to simple and intuitive data storytelling


Make business managers autonomous in the production of their analyses and dispense with the need to go through the IT department


Customize and contextualize Analytical Stories according to user targets to ensure relevance and improve understanding


Facilitate consultation and understanding of analyzes for all employees (and in particular newbies)

Datatelling is a Data Storytelling platform that enables companies to disseminate contextualised data analyses in story form as simply as possible.

Why choose Datatelling rather than BI tools?

The question is logical, BI solutions such as PowerBI, Tableau, QlikSense or Webi are fighting a tough battle for the conquest of the data analysis market, however the Datatelling approach is really different, focused on a desire to extend access to data to all business lines through Data Storytelling, which favors ease of understanding for neophyte populations, while guaranteeing processing performance one step above existing solutions .

BI tools versus Datatelling

BI tools


Time To Market & ROI

Data projects, such as building a Data Lake or exploring teams of Datascientists can be useful, but time is an essential element of a controlled strategy: in the first place it seems more judicious to create value through projects that will have a direct impact on the business.

Our credo, a short implementation and maximum operational efficiency.

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